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    We'd probably just move to another wiki. 2:16 Bgirlabby We can get much wrose (ss) *worse 2:16 LEGOMessProductions1 I mean, who here actually cares about LEGO?  :P 2:16 Randomized I still have the log/screenshot of A5 saying sh**  :P 2:16 Bgirlabby XD 2:16 Madkatmaximus It's nowhere NEAR as bad the "mucle girls" jokes from a few days ago.  :P 2:16 LEGOMessProductions1 Or the MBs?  :P 2:16 Benboy755 Bye, folks.  :'D 2:16 Madkatmaximus * muscle Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards Wiki chat! ChatParty successfully initialized. Commands: /fall, /winter, /normal, /more, /less 2:16 Bgirlabby o/ Chat hacks initialized. To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monch… Read more >