• Dr. Satl, M.D.IDK.
  • 12:34Marcel77799afk....
  • 12:34Packman87Happy New Year!
  • JK
  • 12:35Chipika123And have a Happy Frostivus!
  • 12:35Dr. Satl, M.D.Um... Happy Belated New Year.
  • 12:35Samed5
  • 12:35Packman87Bye LEGO Universe
  • 12:35Dr. Satl, M.D.FROSTIVUS!!!!
  • 12:35Samed5LU.
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  • 12:35Packman87
  • 12:35Chipika123Heya, Nehpets!
  • 12:35Packman87 niverse
  • 12:35Samed5Hi Steve.
  • 12:35Packman87
  • 12:35Nehpets700Yep. I'm a Brony now
  • 12:36Dr. Satl, M.D.Why is everyone crying?
  • Noooooo....
  • Ot
  • 12:36Nehpets700Via Rainbow Dash
  • Roseann Shadowflame has decided to try out the real world for a change. 
  • 12:36Samed5We're crying over LU.
  • 12:36Dr. Satl, M.D.Not a creepy Brony...
  • 12:36Chipika123Well, at least you're not Rarity, Nehpets.
  • 12:36Packman87 AND
  • 12:36Chipika123Rarity is far, far worse.
  • 12:36Dr. Satl, M.D.Lu's first funeral anniversary is soon.
  • 12:36Samed5Ya.
  • 12:37Nehpets700"I"M A BRONY! HEAR ME ROAR!!!"
  • 12:37Samed5I only played Lu for a few months. But it was epic.
  • 12:37Packman87In 11 days
  • 12:37Dr. Satl, M.D.I played LU for.... 8 months.
  • 12:37Nehpets700
  • SOB*

And Later

  • Alemas2005NEHPETS.


Dr. Satl, M.D.

Let's talk about how Ninjago is not bad, compared to Bronys.

Soon After that 


IDK what a Brony is