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    We'd probably just move to another wiki. 2:16 Bgirlabby We can get much wrose (ss) *worse 2:16 LEGOMessProductions1 I mean, who here actually cares about LEGO?  :P 2:16 Randomized I still have the log/screenshot of A5 saying sh**  :P 2:16 Bgirlabby XD 2:16 Madkatmaximus It's nowhere NEAR as bad the "mucle girls" jokes from a few days ago.  :P 2:16 LEGOMessProductions1 Or the MBs?  :P 2:16 Benboy755 Bye, folks.  :'D 2:16 Madkatmaximus * muscle Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards Wiki chat! ChatParty successfully initialized. Commands: /fall, /winter, /normal, /more, /less 2:16 Bgirlabby o/ Chat hacks initialized. To report errors or bugs, or to suggest features or translations, leave a message at w:c:User talk:Monch… Read more >
  • RysTennant


    December 28, 2013 by RysTennant

    I will be the very best miner

    Like no one ever was

    To mine the diamonds is my real test

    To craft with them is my cause

    I will travel across the land

    Searching far and wide

    Each diamond sword that I craft

    The power that's inside

    Diamond ore It's you and me

    I know it's my destiny

    Diamond sword

    Oh, you're my best weapon

    In a world we must defend

    Diamond sword It strikes so true

    It's strength will pull me through

    Creepers if you chase me then I'll kill you

    Diamond ore

    Gotta mine it all Every challenge along the way

    With courage I will face the monsters

    That I battle every day

    To claim my rightful place

    Come with me, the time is right

    There's no better weapon

    Sword in hand, I'll win the fight

    It's always been my dream.

    Diamond sword It's you and me

    I know it's my destin…

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  • Keplers

    Why Teridax and Sec Suck

    December 13, 2013 by Keplers

    Sec: Look. The c and the x so close. I can see it now:


    Jack: Look, Dalek ***! HAHAHAHA!

    Thus ended Torchwood. Also, Sec's (I just did it XD) human form... Lowered the dignity of the Daleks (I DID IT AGAIN!! XD).

    Teridax. He literally lost so he could succeed. His final failure was not a game of Kolhii, however. It was a moon hitting his head while battling an unstable prototype version of himself that was commandeered by someone he just tried to kill and thought was dead.

    • Moon hits head*


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  • RysTennant

    12:26 RysTennant "I have horrible gay fever when I go to Florida." ~ Fail typo by Riolu777 ~

    P :P :P

    12:26 Goggles99 o_o ERMAGERSH


    RIO... Tsk tsk tsk

    12:26 Riolu777 ...don't remind me of my lascivious autocorrect.

    12:26 Goggles99 You gtg Rio?


    12:26 Riolu777 No, Neh does. :P

    12:26 Goggles99 Oh Steve?

    12:27 Nehpets700 What?

    12:27 Goggles99 You're leaving? (sniffle)

    • (cry)

    12:28 RysTennant Had to add this to my quotes :P "He left a gay." ~ Another fail typo by Riolu777 ~ There should be YT videos of "What autocorrect thinks you should say"


    12:29 Riolu777 VON

    12:29 Goggles99 LMBW blog "What autocorrect thinks you all look like"

    12:29 Nehpets700 Afraid so

    12:29 Goggles99 OH MY GOODNESS VON

    12:29 RysTennant lol :P


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  • RysTennant

    Pirate RP

    December 3, 2013 by RysTennant

    ~ Captain Jack Sparrow of Israel has joined the chat. ~

    12:48 Captain Jack Sparrow of Israel Ello, mates.

    12:48 Nehpets700 Hey, Sparrow. :P

    12:48 RysTennant Hi Jack :P

    12:49 Oreh-Wen Hello Again, Neh. o/


    12:50 Captain Jack Sparrow of Israel Aye, mate, do you recall that run in with Barbossa?

    12:50 RysTennant Nope, heard about it though.

    12:50 Captain Jack Sparrow of Israel I bet he still thinks he would beat me.

    12:51 Nehpets700 Yeah, I doubt Barbossa is man enough to face you again, Captain. :P


    12:54 Captain Jack Sparrow of Israel Lad, If I were in your boots, I'd consider a ricola.

    ~ Davy Jones of the Flying Dutchman has joined the chat. ~

    12:54 Davy Jones of the Flying Dutchman Do you fear death, Jack Sparra'?

    12:55 Oreh-We…

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  • Arya Elf


    March 2, 2013 by Arya Elf

    What exactly is there to do here, and what are my limitations..?

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  • Goggles99


    February 12, 2013 by Goggles99

    It has come to my attention that no one truly knows what Sparta is. So I am here to educate you on this matter...

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